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  1. gissle

    Electric Shower Problem

    Just check if your house has a tank in the roof. Our house has a combi boiler, so no tank - all of the taps are mains fed.
  2. gissle


    Yes, I think it was the waste pipe being in the wrong position. We adjusted it and it seems to have been OK since.
  3. gissle

    Condensation Boiler Efficiency!

    Is it still under warranty? It sounds like a fault to me. We have a Worcester boiler and it produces hot water when we put the hot tap on. The efficiency is because you are not heating a whole tank of water - you just heat the water as you need it.
  4. gissle

    Electric Shower Problem

    Hi, It might be that the motor has packed in, or the shower has just basically packed in. They do eventually tend to ware out. You can get electric showers relatively cheaply from your DIY store.
  5. gissle

    damaged underfelt

    Hi, Well if the leakage isn't too bad, it sounds like you might be able to patch it like you say. You could also get someone to remove a few tiles and just repair the damaged felt. Our old house was much the same and to be honest it needed re-roofing. But that is serious money, so just patching it will probably do for now. Don't touch the asbestos. Only specialists can deal with this.
  6. I have a garden which borders a field and a swampy brooke. The ground is very soft , and the summer house seems to be leaning. I think I should take it down and build a stable base. I guess dig a deep level hole and fill it with compacted hardcore and then concrete? Any ideas?
  7. Off to a bbq today, making the most of the weather :)

  8. I don't know whether I am deviating from the subject here, but I always get quotes for work in writing. Normally I use someone that someone else has recommended. Normally I get a couple of quotes for the work if it is a major job.
  9. gissle


    I think so, it was already here when we moved in. The filter seems to be in the base, I have taken it out, but it doesn't seem blocked. Sometimes it floods sometimes it doesn't. I wonder if the water is getting back in somehow from the outlet. I'll have a look see if there is a flap like you said. Thanks.
  10. gissle


    Does anyone know anything about dishwashers? Ours seems to end up with water in the bottom of it sometimes after it has been used. Sometimes it can be a significant amount. I cant find any obvious blockages, although I don't want to take the thing apart.
  11. gissle

    Be careful

    I think that it is definitely a good idea to have a proper survey done when buying a house. I have moved house twice now, and although the basic survey picked up that the houses were structurally sound, they didn't find many other faults that we later discovered. Faulty boilers etc. I think a full survey would have found these, if you don't have one allow a budget for extra unexpected repairs!
  12. gissle

    Cabinet Fixing

    Hi, Hard to say without seeing it. I am sure you could find brass strips like you described. Otherwise, I would drill holes in the top and bottom and use wooden dowels to hold the two parts together. I hope it's not an antique!
  13. gissle

    Garden Work

    Decking will take more maintenance, ours needs staining again soon :-( . I am sure that there must also be a cost difference, i would imagine that decking would be cheaper.
  14. gissle

    Slippery Decking

    Yes, I have seen sandpapery stuff used on steps before, also seen some sort of mesh used before to prevent slipping.
  15. Yes, no legal requirement at all. But they do advertise your property for you and do viewings if you are not available. My father in law sold his property without an estate agent.

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