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  1. cannyfradock

    Bob the Builder's oven 2 001.jpg

  2. cannyfradock


    Private swimming pool using mosaics as the tile finish
  3. cannyfradock

    Wood-fired Pizza/Bread oven

    From Clay ovens which cost a little more than the price of a good Pompeii or Barrel/vault ovens....which cost a little more....these backyard ovens are a pleasure to build and can can be used for cooking or baking........anything.
  4. cannyfradock

    Patio.....Indian Slate

    Patio laid using Indian slate in S.E.Wales. Ground levelled and laid foundation base using scalping and "1/4 to dust " for fine levelling and falls to patio area.
  5. cannyfradock

    Block chimney breast

    hello Laura It sounds like a quick-fix was made from blocking off the chimney breast to create an alcove. All you have to do is find a competent DIYer or a bricklayer/builder to remove the board and replace with a better fitting board and bed it down onto it's supports and then maybe seal the underneath with silicone sealant. If the chimney breast needs to be vented to avoid any damp issues. You may have a chimney pot still sticking out on top of your roof..this will suffice, but if you ever decide to remove the stack and re-tile over the void then an air-vented ridge tile must be put over the void. Terry
  6. cannyfradock

    new extention build

    diy007 The depth of your trench depends on the ground. Your strip foundation needs frost protection so the top of the concrete must be at least 450mm below ground level. The ground in our area is usually solid so I dig a trench 600mm wide (for a normal cavity wall with 100mm between the 2 walls) and 675mm below ground level. The min depth of concrete is 225mm so that will leave you with 450 mm from concrete to ground floor level....= 2 coarse concrete block to GFL then 2 coarse bricks to bring you to DPC or finished floor level. Your local building control will tell you exactly what is required. In my area (Newport Gwent) the building inspectors are all very helpful.....which really helps. They will want to inspect the trench before you pour the concrete. There is a diamond core drill available (about £8) which screwes into a 4" angle grinder and is brilliant for raking out joints for toothing. Terry
  7. cannyfradock

    Welcome To The Diy Forum Cannyfradock

    Hello Admin Love the new site and it's format. Would like to post a couple of pics of my work on your gallery.....not sure how??? All the best for 2011 Terry
  8. cannyfradock

    Pompeii-style wood/pizza oven

    Many thanks for the feedback guys. I have had some leads on fire-brick suppliers and they tend to be from the "Black country" upwards. I shall definatly look into the Stoke area Verne and thanks again for the lead. DIY GUY...This was going to be a simple task of putting together a list of fire-brick suppliers, but it has now turned into a bit of a crusade as I believe we (the UK) don't manufacture any refractory bricks any more (please someone prove me wrong) so we must rely on merchants who import from Asia, and the like, to supply our small market of Joe public who wish to purchase such materials. This is why I'm asking people in the building/DIY industry for any info that might help me in finding the fire-brick suppliers that actually do exist in our fair land. Many thanks for your support Terry (C.F)
  9. cannyfradock

    Welcome To The Diy Forum Cannyfradock

    Hello DIY Guy I have got other pictures of my build (Avatar is finished article) but have been having so much trouble with my hosting imager (Picassa). Pretty good with bricks and mortar but pretty hopeless with computers. Shall try to uplooad a few. Have tried but don't know yet how to downsize images suitable for forums....Like the site Regards...Terry (C.F)
  10. I built a wood-oven for myself in Sep -09. but had difficulty in finding a fire-brick supplier in the U,K, so I built it using circa 1900's red full clays. It functions well but would have reached it's full heat potencial if I had used fire-brick in the build, so I have decided to rebuild the dome using the correct fire-brick. I still have the same problem however in finding a fire-brick supplier. Would any DIY forum members know of any wood-oven fire-brick/material suppliers that I can contact? I hope that this posting is in keeping within the guidlines of this forum. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks Terry (C.F)
  11. Hello Admin+members I am a bricklayer by trade and work a lot with stone and ceramics. In Sep -09 I built a pompeii-style wood/pizza oven. Not being able to find a fire-brick/refractory supplier, I used circa 1900's full red clays for the build. Since my build I have found out that a lot of people are having a problem in finding a fire-brick supplier in the U.K Although this is a DIY forum I would like to pose a question over on the bricklaying forum to ask if any of the members here know of any fire-brick suppliers in the U.K I have turned this into a bit of a crusade, and I am compiling a list of fire-brick suppliers to be used by other enthusiasts like myself who have a passion for building wood-ovens. ***no spam please*** I am genuine in my comments, and hope it's O.K with Admin to pose the question. If the link to my forum is not appropriate then please delete. I am not trying to advertise anything for myself, and do not wish to use this forum for any financial gain. As I said I have a passion for wood-ovens and would like to pass on any info I can gather to others. Terry (C.F)

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