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  1. drystonewall

    10 foot or bigger paddling pool

    Okay, got th pool now, but have thought about the radiator, it is going to turn the water rusty isn't it? with this in mind I am going to sandwich a hosepipe coiled up in between to thick sheets of steel and use that as the heat exchange, all I need now is some fella with a load of blue pipe he is never going to use. hey oh, a trip to ebay to see the market value i think
  2. drystonewall

    diy spot welder

    Hi, Been thinking about this question and I am not sure it is a good idea to experiment here as I think the tabs are put on before assembly of the battery. I take into account the other warnings here but........ If you think about it for a moment, trying to put a high enough current through the battery to weld the tag to it is at least going to shag it out and at most make the battery explode in your face. Please do not try this! Tandy, god rest their souls used to do a heat free solder paste that was used like an epoxy type resin. that, if you could find a product like it might be your only ticket out of here. I have had a quick look around for it with no luck, best wishes and dont blow yourself up, Nigel.
  3. drystonewall

    Internal Chimnet Dry Lining

    Hi, I would not think that it will last very long, I have bare stone behind my woodburner, I remember my parents house had a plastered back to the fire place and it just started to fall off after a few uses of the fire. I ended up getting some steel cut to the right size and tack welding it in place, then I used some stove polish to make it black, it still looks great now! here is the flue going in at my place.
  4. drystonewall

    DEWALT DC390 18v XRP Circular Saw

    thanks for the review on all the tools, boy, you must be feeling flush to buy all those tools! The tools I tend to use for my jobs are not as expencive as thet, I tend to go for the Wickes brand. when it comes to petrol power I go for Sthil. thanks for the update, your house must be getting close to being finished?
  5. drystonewall

    10 foot or bigger paddling pool

    thanks, I have bought a cheap rad at my local wickes, co I am going down that route to start with and I will let you know how I get on, I was thinking of just using a central heating thermostat to turn the pump on and off, but I think it would be almost on all the time. I think that I need to get this up and running before I can go to 'plan b' or tweak it even further, It is my plan to paint the rad black before installation. the first install will be pretty crude any way as I wont want to invest too much time or money on what is just an Idea. thanks for your thoughts though, if my idea does not work, then I will be down the shops to buy some small bore copper pipe. nige'
  6. drystonewall

    Tree House

    Hi All, Back in the winter I was asked to build a tree house, but not to spend any money on wood, use what was lying around. So here it is, a bit wonky as no tree was exactly straight. The uprights are Cherry trees felled in the wood behind the tree house, the cross braces are Hazelnut as are the floor joists. The sides are old pallet wood (coconut i am led to believe) and the roof is some boards left behind buy the builders after carrying out some work at the house. Due to its location, the only power tools used were a petrol chainsaw and a cordless drill. oh, and a big hammer and nails. I am pretty pleased with it for a couple of days work, and the customer is more than happy with the look/feel of it. Nigel
  7. drystonewall

    10 foot or bigger paddling pool

    Hi Richie, Thanks for replying. With the Weather over here at the moment I have not even bothered to buy the pool. I watched 'its not easy going green the other night on the telly and they came up with a similar way to heat water there. they used loads of copper pipe and soldered it together, of course with that amount of joints, it leaked like a sieve and as this guy was using it for his washing up I am unsure what precautions he is going to use for frost damage in the winter. The plans are to build a box with a glass front and paint the inside black, then mount the radiator inside it, and ofcourse use the speedfit pipes if nothing else other than the speed and ease of use. this is after all going to be in the garden! Things are coming together in my mind and when we get the pool I will start work, as I have not done this before I will play it by ear and see how it goes. best wishes, Nige'
  8. Just looking around the argos book and see that they do a 10' pool for under fifty quid. now, the weather here in blighty is not that good, but when I was repairing the shed roof the other day I was surprised how hot it was. what I then thought about doing was sticking a centeral heating radiator on the roof of the shed (next to where the pool is going to be), painting it black and pumping the pool water through it. I was thinking it aught to raise the temp quite a bit! am i missing something or do you think it will work?
  9. Hi all. just bought something different, this time from wickes, I was going to slag it off as it was soooooo runny and diddnt hold a thing, but having just gone back to the glued area, it is as solid as a rock! this is not the stuff for sticking coving on the walls, but sets pretty hard. far to runny to start with for my style. Nige'
  10. drystonewall

    Welcome To The Diy Forum griffdsp

    Hi Mark, I am Nigel, I think I learn't the same way as you. having fitted several bathrooms and kitchens. I recently gave up my real job in the rat race to do odd jobs and drystone walling for a living. it is a different way of making a living! catch up with you all later. Nige'
  11. drystonewall

    Windsave electricity turbines

    One of my customers has one of these installed, I sat and watched the control box one windy day and i was disappointed to see the turbine only generating enough power for a couple of seconds once or twice a minute. This chap lives in a very windy area, infact there is always a breeze there, I think these things are only going to save you money if you are on top of a mountain in Wales or Scotland. He also has a heat exchange pump for his swimming pool and solar panels for hot water, now these are two things that I really do recommend. and really do save him money. cheers me dears, Nigel.

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