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    I am a roofing contractor based in Surrey, UK. I am also a web designer.
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  1. Hi, Just read the forum rules, did look for them earlier when I first read this thread but couldn't find them, must be me as they are directly above the thread - oops! My name is Daniel and I run a very small roofline business in Surrey, I am also a web designer and own a few websites (small time and more of a hobby/side income) I participate in several forums and am currently a "Top Contributer" on the Google Web Search forum under the alias "danielroofer" http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Web+Search?hl=en I am also active on several other Google help forums and was fortunate to get an invite to Google HQ last year, you can see a few mugshots of me here - My hobbies include travel, learning to speak Russian, DIY, mocking cowboys, problem solving and creating content for my websites. I have already posted some photos and started a thread in the roofing forum. Daniel
  2. danielsroof

    Which Gutter Guard is Best?

    I have installed several gutter guard products for my customers over the last few years, feedback has been mixed. What do others think of gutter guards? Have you found one that actually works and doesn't clog up? Here is a quick write up on the three I have tried: Mesh - Easy to install but didn't last very long, the edges curled up after sunlight exposure and the whole thing collapsed into the guttering under the weight of seedlings/moss etc. Too flimsy. Foam Inserts - These were a disaster, lasting only two months before clogging up with grit/moss from the roof. They were also very difficult to clean. Bits of moss and leaves just compacted on the surface and blocked rainwater from even entering the gutter. Gutter Hedgehog/Brush - Worked well with broad leaves and larger but soon clogged up with pine needles and smaller stuff, was easy to remove and clean out but isn't a gutter guard supposed to prevent gutters from clogging in the first place? Anybody else have any experience with other types of gutter leaf guards? (photo shows gutter foam on one of my projects, I have since had issues with it clogging up)
  3. danielsroof

    Replacing Fascias, Soffits and Gutters

    Photos I took when removing and replacing roofline fascias, soffits and guttering. I am trade but thought I would post these here anyway.
  4. danielsroof

    What ladder?

    Here is what I look for in a ladder: Sturdy feet that won't slip off but will prevent the ladder sliding out. Triple ladders are best in my opinion, the top section can always be removed. "D" shaped rungs are much more comfortable the square rungs. Ladder needs to be sturdy but also lightweight, it's not fun lugging a heavy ladder around. I use a 3metre triple for my day to day stuff, I have a 4metre triple for the high stuff and a rope-pulled le tripladder for the hairaising stuff. In addition I have a special mat for the feet to give them extra grip and stabilisers to stop them going sideways, these come in very handy when it's windy.

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