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It was always said that a DIYer had one advantage over the tradesman - That of time - The one thing a tradesman does not have. With the benefit of time surely a far higher quality job can be achieved, and can some extent make up for a lack of skill or experience.

I'm forever hearing of DIY work having to be done to a deadline. The work must suffer ! Do we blame TV home makeover progamms, or is this just the way things are ?

I know that a lot of the work I've seen would have been far better if more time had been spent.

Any comments ?

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Hi John


Whilst your absolutely right, sadly, time is something that the women dont give us...

She will tell you when she wants something done by, and if it isnt, you want hear the last of it, so you just do it asap and so your not hearing that nagging over and over..


Its as if women think we are blind and cant think or see what needs doing, or that we have a 24hr memory, so they have to tell us again the next day...

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