Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings

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Hello everyone,

I am currently working on my Dissertation for my Building Surveying degree which involves investigating energy efficiency in existing buildings and potential improvements that can be made. As part of this I have prepared a short survey aimed at home owners to help me assess the current situation.

I would be extremely grateful if anyone interested could fill it out for me.

It shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes!

Many thanks indeed.


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What do you mean by secondary glazing?



Hi Mike

Personally, I wouldnt bother with it as he hasnt even taken the time to introduce himself, other than to bomb straight in here and post up his survey.

If he cant be at least a bit social, then he's not too unlike those guys in the high street with the clipboards who want to sign you up for something you dont want.

Secondary glazing by the way is a second layer of glazing, like having 2 windows, one behind the main window. Sometimes found in old office building where they have big sliding windows which you can slide open, then open the main outside facing window. Its fairly uncommon in homes as most homes have uPVC Double glazing

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