The D.I.Y Forum gets a facelift

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Well folks, after plodding along for 3yrs with what was initially setup as a test website, The DIY Forum has started to take off, so it was deemed worthy of an injection of cash to revamp it, re-organise things a bit, and do whats possible to improve features and functionality.

Theres still some work to be done, implementing the DIY Resources section and the DIY Classifieds, but for now, the main site is all done and fully functional.

Some slight changes to the rules regarding spammers and business people who seem to know NOTHING about earning a reputation, so any tradesmen dropping in to dump links will just be kicked out instantly, as this is a DIY community for DIY users.

So, I sincerely hope you all enjoy the new website, and anything else you would like to see, please do let me know. :D

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