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  2. willsie01

    Double door frame

    I plan to build a custom double door & frame, for an opening to an extension, that will be a copy of a bespoke set we had fitted for us some years ago. I want to replicate the detail of the existing wooden components but don’t know what tolerance to allow for the overall size of the frame to make sure it fits in the opening while taking account of variation of measure for distance and out of square at various positions. Is there any information for this?
  3. willsie01

    External CH pipe

    Is it possible to run a CH pipe along the external face of a wall for a distance. I'm assuming it would need to be be insulated somehow. Regards
  4. willsie01

    Running new gas pipe

    Having an open gas fire in an extension. The installer says to run a new 22mm pipe from the meter to the fire. Can the pipe run be a DIY job and what building regs part covers this. I'd leave the connections both ends to the professional. Over 30 years ago I DIY'ed all the pipes, including gas, when fitting our CH. Obviously, in those days the rules were not so strict so I need to check I'm allowed to do this.
  5. Hi there, A piece inside the cistern of my toilet just broke, (see image). It was a small plastic connector that connected the handle to the main mechanism. Can it be easily replaced? what is the part called? Thanks, BK.
  6. I'm trying to put up a couple of candle holders and having a bit of a mare... They're silver coloured 5-arm candelabra type things from Habitat - called Klein (wall version). Two issues. Firstly, there is only one place we can put them in the flat (where the cats won't be able to stick their faces in the candles) and there are electric cables below the surface of the wall. Secondly, as I found recently when putting up some lightweight blinds, the plasterboard must be old and has gone to powder. When you drill in, the hole ends up bigger than the drill bit, and you struggle to get any purchase with the plugs. This is a real issue, as these candle holders are pretty heavy. I'd say around 1kg each. Coupled with lit candles - they need to be secure. So firstly, if I can detect the live cables accurately enough to screw in, what do I use? I bought some Rawlplug hollow wall heavy duty grabber screws, but the plaster is so powdery, the teeth just dig in then spin around & you can't expand the inner bit. Secondly, earlier this year on another cabled part of the wall, I mounted a piece of wood with no more nails, painted it the wall colour, and screwed a coat rack into it - which is solid and has held well. What sort of weight do you think I can expect with this method, and what sort of size wooden board should I use? The mounting plates on the candle holder are approx 5" x 2" Thanks.
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