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  2. Hi all, I wasnt sure where to put this post so please move it to the correct place if needed. We are moving into my mother in laws house to help her to do it up. The whole house has very old fashioned tilt and turn windows and the top metal support bracket on the window in our room has somehow bent upwards. We have had some companies out to give us quotes but they all say that the whole window needs changing but i was wondering if i could get a small metal hammer and try to knock it back into the position it was to support the window so we can close it as at the moment when we try to close the window its leaving a small gap at the top right to allow cold air in and with it heading towards winter it will get extremely cold in there. Ive tried to get a photo to show more clearly but i cant seem to download it from my phone so i hope ive explained it properly Any help or advice would be much appreciated kind regards Mark
  3. willsie01

    Double door frame

    I plan to build a custom double door & frame, for an opening to an extension, that will be a copy of a bespoke set we had fitted for us some years ago. I want to replicate the detail of the existing wooden components but don’t know what tolerance to allow for the overall size of the frame to make sure it fits in the opening while taking account of variation of measure for distance and out of square at various positions. Is there any information for this?
  4. willsie01

    External CH pipe

    Is it possible to run a CH pipe along the external face of a wall for a distance. I'm assuming it would need to be be insulated somehow. Regards
  5. willsie01

    Running new gas pipe

    Having an open gas fire in an extension. The installer says to run a new 22mm pipe from the meter to the fire. Can the pipe run be a DIY job and what building regs part covers this. I'd leave the connections both ends to the professional. Over 30 years ago I DIY'ed all the pipes, including gas, when fitting our CH. Obviously, in those days the rules were not so strict so I need to check I'm allowed to do this.
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