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  2. Seems fine dinning is on tonight’s menu :-)

  3. Looking forward to this....

  4. Just lost my job as a dermatologist!
    They gave me an E45...

  5. I think if I hear the word "GDPR" again today, I'll pass out...

  6. Are you a sceptic? Then today is going to be a GREAT DAY!

  7. Finally got my YouTube custom URL: - Come and subscribe :-)

  8. That moment when you see somebody with a degree in computer science, constantly dishing out bad "advice" with ZERO experience nor thought behind it!!! Grrrrrr, feckin students!

  9. Earning points. Feel free to come vote for me..

  10. Avicraft Ltd Panic Biplane - Short vid but sweet.

  11. 31 Videos in 10 Weeks! Phew, busy times, and now only 16.5 million ranked!

  12. One of the Russian acrobats in our human pyramid has been deported!
    We don't have Oleg to stand on!

  13. I’ve made a cake to apologise for the fights I keep accidentally starting. Come on then, who wants some?

  14. How to defrost the boilers condensation pipe when it’s on the roof? Boiler not working... #Brrrrrrrrrrr

  15. The only problem with being 11 Years old is that you lack experience..." Snippet from today's writings.. :-)

  16. Rich

    DIY Warrior

    Hi Peter Welcome to The DIY Forum... Hopefully you can get the help you need. What projects are you working on currently?
  17. peterdewolf

    conservatory founds

    I've got my foundations nearly dug out, about 3.5 x 3.5 m app 1 cubic m of concrete. I do have a small mixer. Going to be on my own with this and mixing it myself. I don't think I'll get the entire trench filled in one day ( I'm a bit crocked ) . Should I do it in two lengths, one today and the other tomorrow or fill the whole trench as far as I can do in a day and fill on top of the first pour the next day. Not ideal I know but I cannot get anyone to deliver to me, too small a load for them to bother.
  18. peterdewolf

    DIY Warrior

    Hello lads and lassies, Warrior is getting a bit bogged down and needs a few pointers
  19. Packing peanuts! If anybody has any foam packaging peanuts they want rid of or can lend me, let me know. I'm after a big box of them, even to borrow if need be...

  20. Let’s have a private party she said, you’ll look great she said...

  21. Seems I'm currently the 17,920,758th YouTuber... Help me climb by subscribing:

  22. Blue moon and a GoPro = Timelapse time...

  23. Blue moon and a GoPro = Timelapse time...

  24. Hi there, We moved into our house just over a year ago. Between our kitchen and our downstairs bathroom, we have a small entrance way with our back door. When we moved in there was a little patch of paint flaking off these interior walls. This has slowly got larger and a lot of the paint is now flaking off. I'm guessing this might have something to do with condensation from the kitchen and/or the bathroom. Am I best to remove all of the paint and simply repaint using a kitchen/bathroom paint? Is there anything else that should be done to ensure the new layer of paint doesn't also start to flake off? Many thanks!
  25. Hi Rich, Thanks for this. I'm going to attempt one door and see how it goes (starting with the smallest one!). I'll sand down first, then wash with sugar soap, then, if everything is smooth, will paint just one coat... and leave it this time. I'm not sure what type of wood it is.. but I think the lumps came from putting on a second coat too soon - the original coat before I started was fairly smooth - it just had other marks that I wanted to cover up (if only I had a time machine and could go back and start again..) Will let you know how I get on. Thanks for your help. Sophie
  26. Thanks for the pictures DIYNovice, the problem makes more sense now seeing it close up.. :-) What wood are those doors made of? Hardwood by any chance? That grainy lumpy affect is often caused by painting onto sticky surfaces, where the first coat isn't dry yet, but isn't wet enough to smooth itself out if you go over it again. What I would do in this situation is remove the door, take it outside and go at it with a small palm sander and some mildly abrasive paper, like a 120 grit, then a 600 grit to smooth it off, until its 100% smooth and flat. Then wash it off with sugar soap, then take it somewhere as dust-free as possible and paint 1 coat on and leave for 24hrs. If it comes out great, then apply a second coat straight on top only if needed. So if there are no uneven or see-through parts, then 1 coat is fine. If it does need a second coat, be sure to wipe the surface down of any dust that settles, as it gets into the paint, depends where you live too, because busy roads create a lot of dust and dirt in the air. (This is just being pedantic I know, but lots of small gains add up to a nicer finish) The key to a good finish is in the preparation :-)
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