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  2. I'm trying to put up a couple of candle holders and having a bit of a mare... They're silver coloured 5-arm candelabra type things from Habitat - called Klein (wall version). Two issues. Firstly, there is only one place we can put them in the flat (where the cats won't be able to stick their faces in the candles) and there are electric cables below the surface of the wall. Secondly, as I found recently when putting up some lightweight blinds, the plasterboard must be old and has gone to powder. When you drill in, the hole ends up bigger than the drill bit, and you struggle to get any purchase with the plugs. This is a real issue, as these candle holders are pretty heavy. I'd say around 1kg each. Coupled with lit candles - they need to be secure. So firstly, if I can detect the live cables accurately enough to screw in, what do I use? I bought some Rawlplug hollow wall heavy duty grabber screws, but the plaster is so powdery, the teeth just dig in then spin around & you can't expand the inner bit. Secondly, earlier this year on another cabled part of the wall, I mounted a piece of wood with no more nails, painted it the wall colour, and screwed a coat rack into it - which is solid and has held well. What sort of weight do you think I can expect with this method, and what sort of size wooden board should I use? The mounting plates on the candle holder are approx 5" x 2" Thanks.
  3. Hi I have a continuously filling cistern and i'm not familiar with the mechanism. its a dual button flush with a cable connection. water enters thru the grey cylinder. the red would normally shut the water off but lifting as far as it goes doesn't stop the flow or even slow it. how do i get the grey cylinder out without damaging it to inspect ? it's not obvious exactly where water is entering via the grey cylinder any ideas on why the water won't cut off ? do you reckon replacement is needed ? it all seems a bit rickety
  4. Seems fine dinning is on tonight’s menu :-)

  5. Looking forward to this....

  6. Just lost my job as a dermatologist!
    They gave me an E45...

  7. I think if I hear the word "GDPR" again today, I'll pass out...

  8. Are you a sceptic? Then today is going to be a GREAT DAY!

  9. Finally got my YouTube custom URL: - Come and subscribe :-)

  10. That moment when you see somebody with a degree in computer science, constantly dishing out bad "advice" with ZERO experience nor thought behind it!!! Grrrrrr, feckin students!

  11. Earning points. Feel free to come vote for me..

  12. Avicraft Ltd Panic Biplane - Short vid but sweet.

  13. 31 Videos in 10 Weeks! Phew, busy times, and now only 16.5 million ranked!

  14. One of the Russian acrobats in our human pyramid has been deported!
    We don't have Oleg to stand on!

  15. I’ve made a cake to apologise for the fights I keep accidentally starting. Come on then, who wants some?

  16. How to defrost the boilers condensation pipe when it’s on the roof? Boiler not working... #Brrrrrrrrrrr

  17. The only problem with being 11 Years old is that you lack experience..." Snippet from today's writings.. :-)

  18. Rich

    DIY Warrior

    Hi Peter Welcome to The DIY Forum... Hopefully you can get the help you need. What projects are you working on currently?
  19. peterdewolf

    conservatory founds

    I've got my foundations nearly dug out, about 3.5 x 3.5 m app 1 cubic m of concrete. I do have a small mixer. Going to be on my own with this and mixing it myself. I don't think I'll get the entire trench filled in one day ( I'm a bit crocked ) . Should I do it in two lengths, one today and the other tomorrow or fill the whole trench as far as I can do in a day and fill on top of the first pour the next day. Not ideal I know but I cannot get anyone to deliver to me, too small a load for them to bother.
  20. peterdewolf

    DIY Warrior

    Hello lads and lassies, Warrior is getting a bit bogged down and needs a few pointers
  21. Packing peanuts! If anybody has any foam packaging peanuts they want rid of or can lend me, let me know. I'm after a big box of them, even to borrow if need be...

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