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  2. I am wanting to recover two dining chair pads as one has been badly damaged. The undamaged one is in the photo. The material is some sort of composite/faux leather and is quite thick. The backing looks like the back of real leather would look, but is obviously manmade. I have ordered a number of 'vinyl' swatches from several suppliers, but non are of the same thickness or quality, and I would not trust them to be as good as what the seat pads are already covered with. Does anyone know what sort of material I should be looking for please?
  3. Some of my bulbs seem to go very quickly whilst others last for years. Eventually ,annoyed by what seemed to be more money down the drain it occurred to me that the fitting might be clogged with dead insects and cobwebby detritus. I have examined it and ,yes it was . Could this have caused the bulb to overload and so blow before its time? You know might it have shorted the connections in a minor way but enough to overload the bulb? Anyway , I have cleaned it now and if it seems effective ,I will go around the whole house looking for dirty f
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