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  1. Hi, please dont take this as gospel, but i use to play with my brother in our parents loft and it was exactly the same as yours, going by the pictures. My dad and i just boarded it out with old floor boards and i even at one point had some weights up there.

    You could to make it stronger tho, you could fix a piece of 5 * 2 on the gable walls and double up the ceiling joists to run along the side of the existing ones. you could have the ends of these timbers on jiffy hangers nailed to the timber you bolt to the gable end. This would probably cost you in the region of £100.00 in materials, and would make it very strong. But please note this is not how a loft conversion is done. this involves large steels etc.

    regards CBM

  2. When purchasing a ladder what things would you consider? I need it just for around the home for guttering etc.

    Ive been looking at buying a ladder but dont really know where to start as there is too much to choose from.

    Any pointers??


    Hi, i have worked in the building industry all my life, and have spent much of it up a ladder and for me their are only 3 things to remember and apply to buying a ladder.

    1. The lighter the better

    2. Dont get a ladder that you think will reach. buy a triple if in doubt

    3. Spend as much money as you can possibly afford. Your life is not worth skimping on.

    If you abide by these 3 rules you will have one of the most useful tools you can have for life.

    Regards CBM :mellow:

  3. Hi guys , if any of the tradesman that are on this site had any bad experiance with not being paid etc etc, or any keen DIY fanatics have done some work for friends and not been appreciated, please let me know of your experiances, and would you use a site that Rates the customer!!!! it is lways the tradesman that gets the brunt of the bad press etc.

    Is it fair???

    I would love to hear your views. Thanks in advance CBM :mellow:

  4. Hi, a friend of mine is a jobbing bricklayer and he works in 3 & 1 gang, this year although he has found work he has found that the prices are getting tighter and tighter,

    He recently got a job where he is getting £600.00 per 1000 bricks laid.

    He stated that this price was "Too Good Too Turn Down." which got me thinking,

    What is the going rate for a bricklayer on price????????

    Thaks in advance CBM :)

  5. Hi guys i am new to this site, and i have been browsing through some of the reviews and i find the site really interesting.

    I used to work on sites all the time until 4 yrs ago, when i decided i needed a break from the 5 o clock wake up , and the daily grind and the lovely english weather, however i have been helping a friend out on a site for the past 5 months and all the carpenters have impact drivers.

    Now 20 yrs ago i worked in the racking industry and we always had impact drivers but carpenters used cordless drills. But now it appears things have reversed..

    My question is which is the best Impact or Cordless. Alsoif you would be so kind to give a make of drill or driver you use and the cost. Thanks in advance. CBM

  6. If your used to using the cheap pack of screwdrivers from the pound shop but sick of the edges of the tips breaking off, then this is something you should consider. They don't come cheap but to be honest I couldn't work without them now! They are extremely strong and the last pack I bought was 3 years ago.

    I must have been through a good 30,000 screws using a 24v electric driver without clutch support and not one of my tips have ever failed. I have lost a few down cracks in floor boards and other inaccessible places but not one of these diamond coated tips have ever snapped, sheared or blunted in any way. If your looking for recommendations for the best screwdrivers then you need to be looking for any that are coated in the diamond coating.

    I was going to say I would be interested to hear off anyone who has bought a pack and experienced any problems with them, but all I could expect would be tumble weeds to blow through this tread, lol so I will ask anyone who knows a particular brand to shine for value for money or build quality to post your stories here.

    Remember! when looking for a screwdriver or screwdriver bit, in my opinion look for diamond coated!

    Hi Do you use an impact driver with these bits or a traditional cordless drill?

    regards cmb :)

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