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#1. New members:

New members who have NOT posted a reply to their welcome thread yet, will not have full access to the rest of the website. So, when you join, pop along to the welcomes section and post a reply to your welcoming thread, tell us a bit about yourself, and your DIY exploits and what your up to with your DIY... Its polite, and shows us your not just here to spam. Diving right in with "Heres my problem, help me" is very abrupt and doesnt really give anybody an incentive to help you, so please have your manners present when you come along to a new place, and take the time to at least say hi and introduce yourself :-)

Do NOT post links to your business, adverts or any other kind of spam. New members posting links to their business/shop or who seem to be here ONLY to plug their business WILL be deleted and flagged as a spammer with ALL Invision Powerboard Forums!

#2; Language and Manners:

No cussing others with bad language. Be polite and courteous at all times, abuse or sarcasm will get you nowhere.

#3; Website problems:


you have a problem with the website, post a message in the help forum,

if you have a problem with another member, ask the admin to intervene.

#4; Spamming:


NOT spam our website or forum with links, there is a proper links

section in this website, the DIY Directory so please post your links

there where others can also review them.

This includes and also

means, new members joining, where the first thing they do is stick links

in their signatures, fill the "about me" with links or join just to say

"Come see our website". This IS spamming, and will not be tolerated.


you want free advertising, you have to earn it, so stick around, invite

your friends over, and SHOW people why they can trust you. Just posting

once, and throwing a link into your signature or post means nothing,

and doesnt prove your trustworthy, and the links will be removed!


the odd link in a post as part of conversation is normal but if your

only going to post nothing but links, forget it, you'll be banned



These rules may be subject to updating at any time should any unacceptable behavior arise.

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