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Hi everyone

So, BT have been and dug up the road so bits of my house fell off prompting me to look at the ground-level rendering. Take a look

What I seem to have is multiple layers of paint over a crumbling (in parts) render. It may not be the original render though, it could be occasional repairs over the years, as the rendering higher up seems OK, mostly.

Anyway, the plan is to hack away any loose bits, PVA it to prime it, then mix up a 1:6 cement:sand+plasticiser, and trowel that on, then overpaint with a gloss black exterior paint.

Anyone got any better ideas?



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Hiya J

From that video it looks like its only th layers of paint that are falling off / flaking with just cracked render, unless of course you knock it with your knuckle and it sounds hollow, in which case its "blown" as they say (Detached itself from the wall)

When I had my entire house re-rendered, they didnt seal the brickwork with PVA at all, dont need to I'm told, the render had a weather sheild stuff in it, then once it was all rendered, I painted the entire house with render sealant which sealed it all, and left a strong surface to paint onto easily. It soaked right into the new render like a sponge and I was told to use as much as the wall could take, soak it all in real good...

Then after 24hrs I painted the whole lot with 2 coats white, followed by 3 coats stone (Sandtex paint) and now, 5yrs on it still looks good as new, none of it peeling or blown, so it worked for me...

If you have small parts falling off, it might be worth using exterior filler instead, then sealing it all using new render sealant, its like apple juice, sticky as hell until dry, like brown water, and leaves a wet-look, but is breathable I'm told (Says it on the tin). I got it from Brwers the decorators store, as its not available in any normal DIY store)

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