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  1. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of $10.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks The DIY Forum
  2. Seems fine dinning is on tonight’s menu :-)

  3. Looking forward to this....

  4. Just lost my job as a dermatologist!
    They gave me an E45...

  5. I think if I hear the word "GDPR" again today, I'll pass out...

  6. Are you a sceptic? Then today is going to be a GREAT DAY!

  7. Finally got my YouTube custom URL: - Come and subscribe :-)

  8. That moment when you see somebody with a degree in computer science, constantly dishing out bad "advice" with ZERO experience nor thought behind it!!! Grrrrrr, feckin students!

  9. Earning points. Feel free to come vote for me..

  10. Avicraft Ltd Panic Biplane - Short vid but sweet.

  11. 31 Videos in 10 Weeks! Phew, busy times, and now only 16.5 million ranked!

  12. One of the Russian acrobats in our human pyramid has been deported!
    We don't have Oleg to stand on!

  13. I’ve made a cake to apologise for the fights I keep accidentally starting. Come on then, who wants some?

  14. How to defrost the boilers condensation pipe when it’s on the roof? Boiler not working... #Brrrrrrrrrrr

  15. The only problem with being 11 Years old is that you lack experience..." Snippet from today's writings.. :-)

  16. Hi Peter Welcome to The DIY Forum... Hopefully you can get the help you need. What projects are you working on currently?
  17. Packing peanuts! If anybody has any foam packaging peanuts they want rid of or can lend me, let me know. I'm after a big box of them, even to borrow if need be...

  18. Let’s have a private party she said, you’ll look great she said...

  19. Seems I'm currently the 17,920,758th YouTuber... Help me climb by subscribing:

  20. Blue moon and a GoPro = Timelapse time...

  21. Blue moon and a GoPro = Timelapse time...

  22. Thanks for the pictures DIYNovice, the problem makes more sense now seeing it close up.. :-) What wood are those doors made of? Hardwood by any chance? That grainy lumpy affect is often caused by painting onto sticky surfaces, where the first coat isn't dry yet, but isn't wet enough to smooth itself out if you go over it again. What I would do in this situation is remove the door, take it outside and go at it with a small palm sander and some mildly abrasive paper, like a 120 grit, then a 600 grit to smooth it off, until its 100% smooth and flat. Then wash it off with sugar soap
  23. Incompetent & Highly unprofessional. So we hired him to replace our entire garden fence as it was wrecked.. Here is how it went.. DAY 1. (Of what he said was going to take 2 days) Gets here just before 9am and he is asking me "Is your wife home, we could fucking murder a cuppa tea", this is before he has even done anything. The repeated requests for tea really pissed us off. Was amazed he even managed to unload the van on day 1 for the constant very lengthy tea breaks. He gets approx half way down the garden, and the first 8 panels are pissed, not straight and the concrete
  24. Hiya Will That really is odd. Do you have any bigger photos, possibly HD resolution and close ups? Have you got a PH meter at all and a moisture detector? It is possible, whilst a longshot, that the wood may be dry to the touch, yet moist from behind. Are there any sources of water inside the wall or under that floor? Whats the black stuff on the floor, all around that corner piece? It looks like the floor has gone black too? Also, how far apart are these 2 instances in the property? Are these pictures either side of the same wall or at opposite ends of the buildi
  25. Rich


    Hi Gabrielle Is the existing carpet all 1 piece, in which I mean, will you have to cut the carpet to remove it? I assume the answer will be yes, as most stair carpet is done in sections of 3 to 4 steps at a time. The piece of carpet on the riser (The horizontal piece that starts step 2 should be tacked in place already, however, something like this could be installed to give it a finish and stop it from fraying:

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