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  1. Currently my kitchen has ceramic tiles with under-floor heating, yes - I'm not exactly sure what's underneath the tiles to heat them up but it does work nicely. But the tiles themselves look dated and grubby now, and no amount of scrubbing makes it look nice. I'm selling the flat and want to spruce it up, at least on the surface. I don't want the hassle of removing the tiles, I just want to lay some nice new vinyl or lino on top, but I'd still like the under-floor heating to work through the new top layer. I'm not sure vinyl or lino will conduct the heat through it properly or not, and how the
  2. Can't find a flooring sub-forum so I'll ask here. Is it safe to put sheet vinyl on top of a heated tile floor? The worry is the adhesive being heated. Will the vinyl conduct the heat through properly?
  3. Thanks Verne It's an odd thing, a few days ago the lights suddenly started working again for no reason, but today they are off again. Could a dodgy transformer cause this phenomenon? Or more likely a dodgy connection somewhere above the false ceiling. Maybe access was possible from above, but right now the room above is tiled - so perhaps they tiled it after doing the wiring for the room below. The same switch that operates the lights also operates an extractor fan in the WC, and this is working, so easiest fix for now is to take this off and put a standard light fitting in it's place - at lea
  4. Novice in electricity here - I have to confess I don't know my volts from my watts from my amps, so bear with me. Our downstairs WC has 3 low voltage (12V I think) halogen bulbs recessed into the ceiling - the area above this is inaccessible. I do not know how many of the bulbs were working a few days ago but suddenly none of them did. The bulbs are all marked 35W - I replaced one of them with a new bulb of the same spec but still no light, so then I replaced all of them - still darkness. I have an electricity detector and can verify that electricity is reaching all 3 bulb mounts when I turn t

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