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  1. DavidM

    garage project

    Apologies for the late reply, I missed your last response. I have uploaded a couple of pictures to my gallery here. The last picture is of my side door that I have got a upvc door to fit. The upvc foor is 950mm in width and the replacement lintel I have bought is 1200mm long. I think this may be a bit on the short side to give the over lap on each side, what do you think? The next size up is 1500mm which may be a bit long. garage images Regards, David
  2. DavidM


    my summer garage project
  3. DavidM

    garage project

    Thanks for the tip on the fillet. I thought about opening up the garage door, while I could do the width easily by cutting a bit of the brick its the height thats the issue. There is a massive concrete lintel that stretches across the whole wall and is double thickness. I think its beyond my skills to try removing it and replacing it with another.
  4. DavidM

    garage project

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, the roof has been leaking. The roof has felt and galvanised corrugated tin sheets, however it looks like they were never sealed properly at front or back. The gutter is at the back of the garage . My intention is to- 1. replace all wall plates and joists but create a fall from front to back by staggering the joist height slightly 2. use OSB3 t&g roof decking on the top. 3. re felt properly, sealing it all round. I'm not sure how to do this at the sides, whether I should raise the facia boards to channel the water towards the back rather than encourage it to
  5. DavidM

    garage project

    Hello, I'm currently undertaking a project to fix up my garage, one of the main tasks is the roof. Its a brick built garage with the joists sitting on wall plates on top of the walls. I need to replace these joists as they have got water damange but i'm not sure if mounting them back on top of the wall plates is the right thing to do? All I seem to see how are joist hangers that leave the joist flush with top of the wall. I'd rather keep it the way it is and secure it with L straps onto the wall as it is just now or is there an advantage to hanging them? Any advice appreciated. Dave
  6. Hello, I have a garage thats in need of a bit of tlc so I've made it my summer project to get it sorted out. I'm not scared to pick up the tools and get stuck in however i've never taken on anything like this! I'm mainly doing it myself to get the satisfaction of doing it and ofcourse to try save a bit of cash! I may do a sort of work in progress type blog in the hope other members could learn something. Thanks, David.

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