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  1. Verne, You are a font of knowledge; thanks for replying! The mortar stuff seems to be all over the top of the insulation, and there are bits hanging from the inside of the roof, waiting to drop. So my impression is that the inside of the roof used to be covered in this mortar stuff, presumably to hold the tiles on to the batons. It would appear, as things stand, that the roof is doing ok without this mortar stuff in place, but I don't want to tempt fate. I'm not sure why there is so much of it in that corner; perhaps the same person who rolled back the insulation from that rectangular strip ch
  2. Ok, I've taken a load of pictures. I've started to have a different impression about what the problem is, having climbed into the attic and taken a load of photos of the house. Haven't been up there since I moved in nearly 3 years ago. I started out thinking there was a leak in the roof causing a damp patch in the spare room ceiling and water to get in down spare room (outer) wall. I also thought the wall aspect could be due to pointing. But I'm now starting to think it is a condensation problem as the radiator in that room doesn't work (it will do from tomorrow) and we dry a lot of clothes in
  3. Verne, Thanks very much for that. All sounds sensible and I am not having second thoughts about Roofbond. However, things have moved on. Been in attic and took a load of photos. I've posted a new thread - would be grateful for your views...

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