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  1. Hi, I've just made a somewhat impulsive ebay purchase, which is a 4X3X2 Marine fish tank, with a filter/sump built into the same cabinet. All up weight of this, when full of water, will probably be around 500kg. I'd LIKE to put this upstairs in my study, but have some concerns on floor strength. I live in a victorian terrace. The room in question is about 11x11 excluding bay, has 6 1/2"-7" x 2" joists (which appear to be in good condition) and is floored in 6 3/4" x 1 inch pine. The joists are between 13-14' apart. I would plan to put this tank more or less in a corner, to ensure maximum avail
  2. Hi All, I've got loads of Sheesham/mangowood furniture throughout my house, stained/varnished in the dark, glossy next 'cube' style. Does anyone know how I can replicate this colour/finish using readily available, off the shelf varnish products? I'm looking to build a stand for a fish tank in pine, but ideally would like to match the finish to the other furniture in the room. I'd buy a few pots of varnish to trial and play around with getting the colour, but it seems ridiculous to pay

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