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    Damp Rings on internal wall

    Pictures Hopefully Shortcut to Conservatory Damp Circles 019.zip
  2. DAVEM370

    Damp Rings on internal wall

    Hi DIY Guy My thanks for your prompt and considerate reply With regard to the subject I will attempt to attache pictures showing the rings. This may pose me problems as I am not all that familiar with "white mans magic" Regards David PS Tried to send pictures in JPEG format but the minimum size is 1.1mb which is far to big Any suggestions on how I can minimize the size?
  3. Dear DIY Guy will you please accept my apology for rushing into your site without so much as a "by your leave". On reflection my initial thread did not even have any salutation which is basically inconsiderate. This is the first forum I have activally participated in and I look forward to learning and hopefully passing on helpful information which in my case will be based on experience. Regards DaveM
  4. I have an 11 year old conservatory which we recently had redecorated and the roof insulated. At the same time I introduced for the first time heating via electric radiators. When the temperature reaches around 40 degrees F damp circles, which are roughly symetrical appear on the inside of the external walls about 1 foot apart. There are approximately 6 rings to a square meter. As the temperature increases the damp circles will eventually run. When tapped there is s decided difference in the sound and in the temperature where the rings appear. The walls do have an airgap I am hoping there is a logical explanation. I must emphasis that this is the first time I have tried heating in the conservatory and it has been regularly decorated without any indication of damp

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