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    Double door frame

    I plan to build a custom double door & frame, for an opening to an extension, that will be a copy of a bespoke set we had fitted for us some years ago. I want to replicate the detail of the existing wooden components but don’t know what tolerance to allow for the overall size of the frame to make sure it fits in the opening while taking account of variation of measure for distance and out of square at various positions. Is there any information for this?
  2. willsie01

    External CH pipe

    Is it possible to run a CH pipe along the external face of a wall for a distance. I'm assuming it would need to be be insulated somehow. Regards
  3. willsie01

    Running new gas pipe

    Having an open gas fire in an extension. The installer says to run a new 22mm pipe from the meter to the fire. Can the pipe run be a DIY job and what building regs part covers this. I'd leave the connections both ends to the professional. Over 30 years ago I DIY'ed all the pipes, including gas, when fitting our CH. Obviously, in those days the rules were not so strict so I need to check I'm allowed to do this.
  4. willsie01

    Hot water storage

    Thank you for your reply. I should mention that we are planning a loft conversion of our house that will give us a bedroom and en suite, so now is the time to change the water system because any associated work, such as support structure and electrical installation, will be a part of the overall project. Also, the existing cold water storage and CH header tank need to move because they are located where the new bathroom will be located. As an afterthought, I could also add that we are replacing our old gas boiler and ideally I would like to locate that in the loft as well. Finally, It is anticipated that a new storage cylinder; water tank; boiler, would all be located in a part of the loft that will not be part of the new loft conversion, but will be accessible from the new accommodation. Back to my original question: does anyone know what my options are for a hot water storage system (and CH boilers) that a DIYer can install in the loft? Bearing in mind that I will need to engage certified people to carry out certain elements of the work. e.g gas and electrics. Regards, JW
  5. willsie01

    Hot water storage

    It's time to replace our old hot water cylinder, which I have just repaired, by soldering, after it developed a pin hole leak. The cylinder is in an airing cupboard in our bathroom, but I would like to relocate a replacement in the loft to free up space. and, as a DIY'er there are systems available that I am not allowed to install and I would prefer to avoid these. So, what are my options for a system that a DIYer can install in the loft? I case it's relevant, my water authority has a target water pressure to the outside stop cock of 1.5 bar. This is however, not guaranteed. I would also like the option in the future of hooking up an input from thermal solar panels. Regards, JW

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