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    Laying a patio

    DIY is not my strong point, but I have been asked to lay a slightly raised 3m x 3m patio. I have spoke to a number of people who profess to know something about this, but I they all seem to say different things and I am beginning to get lost. If any one can recommend a goodn tutorial that would be good. Here's the deal. In one corner of the garden I took down a tree and we have killed the roots with an appropriate stump and root killer. In another corner of the garden I have knocked down a brick shed and am left with a large number of bricks some whole and some half. My plan is to refill the hole left by the stump (but clearly too little soil is left cos stump took up space and is now gone, what do I use to fill the space?), break up the bricks and place them where the raising wall should be built. Hire a flatner crusher thing that will crush the broken bricks down level. build the fancy wall around the endge of the patio using some fancy bricks and cement I guess. Then fill the resultiung space with more broken brick bits, crush with crusher, fill again repeat till raised up and hard and level. Lay the patio on top of the crushed and leveled broken bricks using cement??? concrete??? trying my best to make sure the patio slopes ever so slightly towards the edges. Though I feel sure this I will end up raising the patio up and down foever trying to get it level!! That's more or less it. However some say use concrete, some cement, some say use sand, some say need a crusher level tool thing some say no dont use one, some say dont raise the patio up etc etc. Any help or advice or recommended appropriate tutorial greatly appreciated.

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