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  1. Hi all, I wasnt sure where to put this post so please move it to the correct place if needed. We are moving into my mother in laws house to help her to do it up. The whole house has very old fashioned tilt and turn windows and the top metal support bracket on the window in our room has somehow bent upwards. We have had some companies out to give us quotes but they all say that the whole window needs changing but i was wondering if i could get a small metal hammer and try to knock it back into the position it was to support the window so we can close it as at the moment when we t
  2. Hi all, Can you tell me the best way to store clothes in a garage thats vunerable to mould Kind regards Mark
  3. hi all, Not sure if this is in the correct place but i have a sofa bed that is stored in a garage but has mould on it. Could anyone tell me the easiest or best way of removing it please Kind regards Mark
  4. thanks for that, the garage is in too bad shape really and really just suffers from damp
  5. hi all, I want to sound proof my flat but didnt know the best way to do it alone. Any help advice or tips would be most appreciated. Kind regards Mark
  6. Hi all, I have a garage with lots of different things in which i want to protect from the elements. Whats the best way of doing this please? Kind regards Mark
  7. Hi all, This time of year my flat is vunerable to mould as i cant leave the doors/windows open and im having trouble keeping on top of it. Im having to use mould and mildrew spray on the walls and skirting board at least once a week but using it on the walls is taking the paint off the walls. Is there anything i can put the walls or skirting board to prevent the mould forming that i could paint over the top? Also im getting mould on gloss, is there anything i can use for that? Any help or advice would be appreciated Kind regards Mark
  8. The paint has been stored in a dark cupboard. When i tried stiring the gloss undercoat thats been open for only a few months the clear top layer that normally dissapears when given a stir didnt dissapear and it seemed a very very runny consistancy. I did use some of it to go over some work that had been done and its dried very shiny. Can i use the rest of it or is it best to just throw it away?
  9. Hi all, I just wanted to ask what the average shelf life is of opened and unopened paint is? I have several unopened tins that ive had for just under 3 years and wanted to know whether they would be ok to use or better to get fresh? Ive also got an opened tin of undercoat that ive had for several years but only opened for a few months but it doesnt seem the correct consistancy when i tried using it last week. Any help or advice would be appreciated Kind regards Mark
  10. Hi all, Ive taken up some old carpets up which has revealed some floor tiles/lino tiles underneath which have paint stains on them. Can the paint stains be removed and if so whats the best way of doing this please Kind regards Mark
  11. Thank you for your advice.. ive got lots of the abrasive paper you've mentioned so ill go ahead with the idea of sanding it down,undercoating it and then gloss it again as its just white on white but i want it to look good and not have to do it again for quite sometime.
  12. I think i know what the cause is but i will be getting a 2nd opinion to clarify my theory. You have confirmed what i thought about having to redecorate with the wallpaper though.
  13. Hi all, Whats the best and quickest way of removing gloss Also, what would happen if i just painted a new layer of gloss on top of the old gloss? Is there any hints or tips that people could tell me. Kind regards Mark
  14. Hi all Is there any way of removing mould from wallpaper? I havent tried anything as i didnt want to ruin the wallpaper if i could help it Kind reagrds Mark
  15. Hi Rich, I dont have any DIY businesses and will be using this forum for personal use only. I am a relative low user and would probably consider myself a DIY novice. I can do the basics ok (change plugs, lights, putting up shelves etc) and have a small amount of experience in laying floor tiles and will look forward to using this forum to better my skill base. I will endeavour to help anyone where i can although dont expect much from me, as i said im a novice and dont have much knowledge to pass on. I am married but dont have any kids,i have lots of interests, some of which include com

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