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  1. handydanny

    Help needed to find this item

    A Camera Tripod has these on the extending legs, I bought a second hand one for £10, maybe they could be adapted to your purpose.
  2. handydanny

    Planning permission for rear conservatory

    Ask the vendor to take out an insurance policy which covers you as a buyer , the cost is less han £100, and you can then proceed if you wish. Handydanny
  3. handydanny

    wiring confusion!

    I have always found the Manufacturers helplines very good . regards handydanny
  4. handydanny

    decorating behind radiators

    Who looks behind Radiators ????, ( except my missus ) I have always just decorated down to the Brackets. regards handydanny
  5. handydanny

    More powerful shower??

    You could fit a Shower unit with a built in pump to boost the Shower flow. Regards handydanny
  6. handydanny

    More powerful shower??

  7. Hi Sarah. The Tap you turned on, seems to me to be the one you connect the Appliance to. The pipe taken would probably be the hose to connect the appliance. The handbook with the appliance will ostlikely say that you only need a cold fill http ://s7g3.scene7.com/is/image/ae235/12496_P?$p$ Regards handydanny

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