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  1. goodfellow

    Blistering paint on bathroom ceiling

    Sanding down the affected areas and painting over your entire bathroom ceiling with an oil based undercoat before doing your final coat of paint will likely cure your problem.
  2. goodfellow

    Normal or truss roof?

    Hi I agree with admin, yours is not a modern truss roof. It is possible to cut the joists to fit a new loft ladder but this would require someone very experienced and suitably qualified to know where to cut and very importantly know how to reinforced the surrounding timbers. So get some local professional advice.
  3. goodfellow

    Boarding Out Loft

    Yes, I've used them in my business and they are good but you can't beat laying the additional joists at right angles to the existing joists. You might be able to haggle down the price of the wood from some of the merchants and they usually deliver too.
  4. goodfellow

    Idea for instant reduction of bills

    Sounds like a brilliant idea. There are lofts insulated in Glasgow, Scotland that have 100mm shredded plastic bottle matting between the floor joists then 170mm laid across the other way and finished off with a silver reflective foil between the roof trusses.There are thermostatically operated fans in the loft and also in the hallway below. The fans automatically switch on to help regulate the tempeature in the loft and in the house itself.
  5. goodfellow

    lime mortar

    Most builders merchants like Jewson can get you a suitable lime. There is also free information on lime pointing and stone repairs at **SPAM REMOVED** Ready mixed lime in tubs is more expensive but it takes out the guess work for those that are less experienced, so it could be a better bet.

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