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  1. Bobsy

    bricklaying computer software

    Hi Part of my job involves design and count up of components within a set footprint. I use CAD to do this quickly. Same principle would apply to what you've described here... Though not being an experienced builder, I imagine they achieve the same result far quicker with just their knowledge and a pen and some paper..
  2. Hi there You have probably sorted this I imagine but if it helps anyone reading this now, I have recently fixed a similar bag bracket to an exterior wall and sought the advice of my fixings specialist on how to do it. I ended up using 10mm diameter hex-head coach screws with heavy duty wall plugs into the brickwork. Six months in and can report no visible problems! No movement in the bracket/fixings. Probably I'm not hitting the bag hard enough..
  3. Hello there The external walls of my house have an awful textured render (like artexed painted ceilings?) up to height of about 6'. It's a 1910 brick cavity wall. Can I simply render over this? What's the process and what materials do I need please? Thanks
  4. Bobsy

    Hello there

    Hello and thanks for accepting me into the forum. With the amount of projects i have in store for my 1910-build flat & garden you will probably soon wish you hadn't bothered.. Hopefully i might be of some help myself though (especially if it's something warehousing/industrial storage systems/fork truck related..).

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