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  1. Hi I have double iron gates on my driveway and I am having trouble with them on windy days. One of the gates does not move as it has the standard peg which drops and stops the gate from moving around however the other gate does not have one so has a tendency to be blown by the wind. To the extent where the gate will blow outwards onto the pavement, the gate hit the side of my car today which was the final straw. Does anybody have any suggestions or know of anything I can purchase to stop my gate doing this. Thanks for reading. Cheers
  2. Thanks very much for the advice Stephen. I will give it a go and post the subsequent results in the DIY disasters section Thanks again!!
  3. Hi All Apologies if this is in the wrong section I am new to this forum and the DIY thing as a whole. I recently moved house and have noticed the sealant round the bath has some holes in and could do with being re done as I am worried about water getting through and rotting the floorboards. I was looking for some advice on how to do this and what to use I understand this may be a really simple job for some but I really am a novice at this game. Is it just a case of cutting out the old sealant and refilling? If so can anyone recommend any decent sealant and a tool which will remove the old seal

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