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  1. hi, i am thinking of relaying the cobbled brick foor in my cellar as the previous is not in good condition. The current brick floor is sat on approx. 2 ft of dry sand. Can I put any insulation down before relaying the bricks to make it a bit warmer. Also, would it be a good idea to put dowm a damp proof membrane ? I did consider relaying a concrete floor but when I took up bricks between the walls of the houses on either side, it was only 1 brick deep! is this normal? thanks Jay
  2. Hi, Iam attempting to try to do a cheap, diy cellar conversion and wondered if anyone could give me some tips? At moment I have bricks walls in cellar and have sealed with pva, I was going to paint walls with bitumen emulsion and then baton and board out with foil backed plaster board? Is this a good idea? , the walls or floor do not feel wet. Someone said I should not bother with batons and dot and dab plasterboard and maybe use aquaboard on one wall that feels slightly damp in certain places. Anyone got any ideas? thanks, J

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