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  1. Some of my bulbs seem to go very quickly whilst others last for years. Eventually ,annoyed by what seemed to be more money down the drain it occurred to me that the fitting might be clogged with dead insects and cobwebby detritus. I have examined it and ,yes it was . Could this have caused the bulb to overload and so blow before its time? You know might it have shorted the connections in a minor way but enough to overload the bulb? Anyway , I have cleaned it now and if it seems effective ,I will go around the whole house looking for dirty f
  2. What would be the easiest way of tackling this?It is a job that recurs each year after the winter and the heavy frost under the flat roof seems to make it worse. I normally wipe it off with a cloth and some weak bleach or fungicide prior to painting but am looking for an easier life as it is very uncomfortable to do. I am wondering about a steam cleaner.But would that still need to be finished off with a cloth or something similar-prior to repainting?
  3. after the very heavy frosts a few of my outdoor compression joints have come loose and leak quite a bit. I can slide them together and the leaking eases but they don't hold the position. Should I be thinking of replacing them -or is it possible that I can open the joint up and refit them ? I am guessing that the olive has been slid along the length of the pipe by the frost ,causing the joint to loosen. Might I just then be able to reposition the olive further away from the end of the pipe so as the reform the seal? Or would the olive -or the joint itself - be likely to have been badly dama
  4. I have one with 1 million power rating. Since it only keeps a charge for 10 minutes or so (it is getting on a bit) I have tried to replace the bulb with one from a lower rated one. It was not possible to order one from Maplins and I was led to believe you can't get them. I managed to scavenge one from the recycling centre.I It was from a 500,000 rated spotlight. I could see that the bulb was more or less identical and so I switched it. At first it worked but when I reassembled it ,it stopped working. I thought I could have blown the bulb but the previous bulb now would not work either. Have
  5. Are they necessary? I hust relit my range without the wicks by mistake and it was burning beautifully (on high ) for a short while before I realized my mistake What purpose do they serve actually and could an Aga work without them?

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