damaged underfelt

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I bought a 1950's 3 bed ex council semi 2 years ago which was in poor condition. I have made it liveable , I have been living in it for 6 months, but there is still some to do.

the roof is marley tile and some of the roofing felt is damaged/torn/missing (probably done by previous tenant) but seems to be beyond its sell by date. the battens seem ok, and there are no leaks unless heavy rain is accompanied by strong wind. and then not serious.

I am considering repairing by applying felt from the inside underneath the battens supported by chipboard cut to fit between the timbers, or to spray with foam.

the facia's, sophitts (asbestos) gutters and downpipes also require replacing.

the attic has been boarded and used for storage. so may follow the repair with insulation.

any advice would be appreciated, I may do myself or get someone in dependant on price, time etc.

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Well if the leakage isn't too bad, it sounds like you might be able to patch it like you say. You could also get someone to remove a few tiles and just repair the damaged felt. Our old house was much the same and to be honest it needed re-roofing. But that is serious money, so just patching it will probably do for now.

Don't touch the asbestos. Only specialists can deal with this.

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