Most frequent DIY tools used?

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Good Morning Folks

Can you kind folks out there tell me the most frequent DIY tools you use in the house i.e. screw driver, hammer, drill etc, and which one is the most difficult to use?


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Hiya Geek

Welcome to the D.I.Y forum :-)

In answer to your question, have you done any DIY at all yet?

What do you think might be the most common jobs around a home that you might find yourself doing?

Typically, you are going to find that a hammer, a variety of screwdrivers, some pliers are the 3 most common tools in most homes, then if you want to get a little more "into it" then sure, a drill and maybe electric screwdriver if you want to start putting things on walls, but then you need to delve into all the different types of fixings and what you are fixing things to, so obviously putting things onto walls can be the trickiest of DIY tasks, unless you feel like tackling plumbing or electrics..

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Thanks Rich

The reason why I'm asking is because I'm doing a project with a friend on the following:

What are the most commonly used DIY tools around the house?

What difficulties (if any)  individuals have using these tools?

What everyday/frequent DIY jobs around the house do individuals find difficult/awkward to do?

I would very much greatly appreciate if you have any more ideas.

Thank You.

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