Night Light Sensing Wall Switch

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Recently I have redone the lighting in my parents house as they decided it was in need for an update!

One thing they asked for was an LED nightlight that looked like it was just a normal light. So I simply used a fixing from the same range as the rest of the corridor but put an LED bulb in it... They are happy with the result...

This fixing runs off its own 1 gang switch.

What I would like is that when light levels in the hall fall below a certain level the night light automatically turns itself on. And then when natural light returns to the hall the night light will turn itself off.

Is there a light sensing 1 gang switch anywhere, or does it even exist?!?!?

many thanks to all in advance...

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i have never seen one though i wouldn't be surprised if one existed. there are many light level switches available fitted to various devices from street lamps to night lights, including one that plugs in to a bulb holder.

i suggest you approach one of the larger electrical wholesalers in your area - they often have access to consultants or at least tend to know their catalogues pretty well...

if you get no success there i suggest you contact somebody like farnell or maplin or rs components who i am fairly sure will be able to supply something that could be installed within a switch.

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