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Julio, your best bet is to check with your home insurance company, what minimum standard is required. Ignore those peice of **** locks on their homepage, those wont be covered under UK home insurance, I know because I've tried them myself, the "Euro locks" or anything similar will not be insurable.

Why would you even ask about a small company, so far away from yourself? Especially that they have only been online less than 12 months, and have no listings about them at all...

I'd highly avoid and stick with a local locksmith, reputable and easy to find if I were you, then call trading standards and ask them if there have been any reports or complaints about your local locksmith, and maybe even call any associations they are members of and ask the same thing.

If all clear, then consider them carefully, and check prices they quote you with at least 2 other locksmiths first. (Get 3 quotes) and ask to see what the good quality locks look/feel like to get familiar with what you should be having installed or be buying.

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