Guocera Floor Tile( Nouvelle Toast )

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We bought these tiles a number of years ago from B&Q and we have now run out of replacements.If anyone has any idea where we may be able to purchase any more it would be much appreciated.

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This is an absolute long shot but Guocera brand I seem to recall is Mylaisian - some Guocera product was sold and rebranded by Pilkington's Tiles who as you probably know were a large manufacturer/importer until about 12 months ago when they went bust! Topps Tiles have bought the "brand" Pilkington's and some of their old stocks. So you could try a Topps store.

After this you could try Distribution Supplies Ltd of Peterborough - I seem to recall that they dealt with this manufacturer at some point too.

Also once you know the manufacturer of any tile, it is worth looking on the tile associations website they have a directory of which brands their members sell. I haven't looked on there for you in this case but another option.

Without being funny this should be a lesson to anyone buying from DIY stores, they tend to buy a factories full production of any given tile but once its gone its gone. With your independent or specialist stores there is much more continuity of product and the prices are often just as affordable.

Should anyone need any further help by all means post a message here on the forum for me.

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