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Getting some plaster work done

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Hey everyone, I am really not sure if I should continue with what I have started. I started scraping our passage(hallway) wallpaper off the other day and the plaster underneath is cracked all over especially around the corners of the door frames and where the radiator was there was chunks of it hanging off and some grey coloured filler of some sort covering the brickwork ended up falling off when I was scraping, the hole in the wall is about 30cm wide and about 2-3" deep. Knocking the walls in different places it sounds hollow here and there too.

Would it be best for me to give this a shot myself even though I dont have any experience at all or would the council need to replaster the whole room or just repair where it is damaged? I believe the whole of the flat is like this as it was the same in the bedroom when we moved in, it was built in the 50's roughly. I dont know whether I should bother removing the rest of the wallpaper too or just leave it, it seems like the plaster is just peeling away bit by bit and I really am unsure of what to do now. As a council tenant will they repair such problems? Would I need to prep it for them? Any info would be appreciated.



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