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    Precautions before cleaning a full of dust computer?

    Hi I renovate old radio's & TV's as a hobby. Frequently they are covered in layers of dust & gunk after years of service. Rich has it pretty much spot on, and I clear dust in a simllar way. I use a paint brush and an old vacumn cleaner (with the hose attachment) to clear out the dust, as I am brushing it away. I would concentrate on areas around the CPU and power supply fan intake. In general this works a treat. If the PC has been used in a smoking environment then the Nicotine & Tar can cause the dust to coagulate and form a thick gooey mess. I doubt you'll find this as it takes years to build up. Getting rid of the Nicotine & Tar & dust mess is not so simple, it can be done, but does involve additional cleaning fluids and care. If you need to do this, I'll help if I can. Regards Adrian (FJ)
  2. FarmerJones

    Lining my shed

    Hi all I could do with a bit of advice please.... I have just put up a new shed (10 x 14) to use as a sort of hobby room / office. Anyway, I want to insulate it, and make it look a bit less like a shed on the inside. So I thought I'd line the walls and roof with polystyrene and attach thin (say 5 or 6mm) plywood over the polystrene. The polystyrene will fit in between the wooden up rights and will be 50mm thick. The shed itself is installed on 6 x 6 tannelised timbers and is clear of the ground. I want to insulate the floor somewhat, but a bit more strength would be good. I thought about say 2 - 5mm polystyrene sheets and covere with plywood, say 12mm? So the advice bit: Walls & ceiling: is this a good approach? Should I screw or nail the plywood? this OK, any other ideas ? Cheers... Adrian (FJ)
  3. Hi Thanks for putting up this site...very useful ! Cheers Adrian (aka FarmerJones!)

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