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  1. Hey, i also use to do painting, i am very impress from you.
  2. Hi, yes i have an experience with their method, its prove very useful for me.
  3. Hey Drystone, its a very useful innovation on this paticular issue.
  4. Hi Nick, your work is very nice, i hope it will be very good experience with you on this forum.
  5. Hey Ali, you are doing a great job, carry on.
  6. I think your thirst of finding these peoples will be satisfied by google,you should go into google and find your choice.
  7. Hey, i think you can easily run a light and blow heater on this.
  8. Welcome to you on this forum,for exchanging of informatiom its a right place.
  9. Hey Richard, its a pleasure to see you in this forum,i hope you will enjoy a lot of useful information here.
  10. Hey Allan, its really a great stuff,it safe lot of worthy time.
  11. hey jon, on behalf of all the members here on this forum,i want to wish you welcome.I think it will be great experience with you on this forum.
  12. these sort of tiles costs so much i can't afford them...
  13. painting a bath room is quite a tough task as far colr scheme is concerned i my chooice is choosing light colors so i selected off white color
  14. Tree house takes me to the imagination of having fantastic holidays......
  15. Yeah that's a big trouble but why don't you for effort in replacing the lichen with other plants

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