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  1. yep, not sure the whole heated lino thing will work. Could end up with sticky feet! You could go with laminate - that will work with the underfloor heating.
  2. More information, advice and resources on planning permission here. This is up-to-date for 2012 regulations. Thanks.
  3. Gumtree is another good community-based site where you could avertise the property. Obviously, there are going to be quite a few other things you'll need to take a look at too, not just the advertising. do you have a solicitor you could speak to about the ins and outs of it all?
  4. Hi Werby. It depends on the sclae of the project and the size of the roof terrace. You can get more info on where and when planning permission is needed from the PlanningPortal website. When converting roof areas to liveable space, the roof will need to be checked for adequacy in terms of weather resistance and thermal insulation. Probably the cheapest, and mosty hassle-free way of achieving a roof terrace would be to purchase one of the VELUX roof terraces. They basically work like a skylight but transform into a roof terrace - definitely no planning permission needed here and probably a lot
  5. Thanks for the welcome. I just set an email as I couldn't access any of the forums, then I read the intro email which told me I need to reply here first.

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