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    Buying own home. Developing better understanding of real estate market. Also, renovation of first property.
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  1. Hi there, A piece inside the cistern of my toilet just broke, (see image). It was a small plastic connector that connected the handle to the main mechanism. Can it be easily replaced? what is the part called? Thanks, BK.
  2. BeeKeeper

    Let's hear from you

    Current Minor Project - Doing some furniture restoration of a Parker Knoll chair picked up at auction for next to nothing. They are incredibly well designed chairs, and really comfortable too. Removing paint by sanding. Harder work than I had anticipated as it is all being done by hand. Then treating the wood with Linseed oil. Last step will be to drop it off at a specialist for reupholstering. That step is beyond me.
  3. BeeKeeper

    Removing mould from a sofa bed

    Mark, have you tried upholestry cleaner? It sprays out as a foam and penetrates deep into the fibres of a seat/ chair. It has worked wonders on my qashqai.... animal stains, kids spilled milk shakes - mould - everything really!! They're specifically designed for using in cars. And they have a sterilising effect on microbes - so could be just what your looking for. Just make sure you specifically get an upholestry cleaning foam spray. SOmething like this: Check your local auto store. They'll have some!
  4. BeeKeeper

    best way of storing clothes in a garage

    I think our garage is far too cold and damp for storing clothes
  5. BeeKeeper

    Bleeding Radiators

    Hi forum, Can anyone tell me why my radiators need to be bleed every couple of weeks. Especially the upstairs ones? I don't understand why if it is a closed system where all this air is coming from. Also, they sell two types of venting / bleed key in woodies. One with a short metal lever, the other a butterfly shape. See pic attached... The short lever one is absolutely useless. It completely bent after just a few uses. The butterfly one is pretty good though.
  6. BeeKeeper

    D.I.Y Jokes

    My girlfriend says I’m hopeless at fixing appliances. Well, she’s in for a shock
  7. Could do with some advice on a bathroom paint job. The paint above the shower area keeps peeling and falling off. How should I prepare the area before putting on a new paint job? Also, is there special paint that should be used for a bathroom ceiling?? Please see pic attached:
  8. BeeKeeper

    New Here

    hello everyone. i'm new here. signed up a while ago, but just getting round to accessing now. i have a house that needs a lot of work, and i know absolutley nothing about DIY. Looking forward to reading through your posts. Also, hope it's ok to ask lots of questions. I'll have a lot of questions and pictures of problems.... but i'll read through the knowledge base first. Thanks, Mike

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