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Dear all


Apologies for the recent downtime, but trying out a few suggestions from members resulted in exactly what I knew would happen..

Our site was hacked, and used to try to send out over 25,000 spam emails... Along with having over 2500 spammers try to register too...


So, after now clearing up all that mess, restoring the website to "Pre-mess" then upgrading everything, and installing a few more anti-spam measures, we will resume as normal in which all new registrations are moderated.


This simply means that as soon as you have "Registered", your request to join enters a queue where it needs to be checked and approved.


Sadly this is now a mandatory action due to the fact that for every genuine member, there appears to be 50 spammers also trying to get in and cause chaos, so it really is getting time consuming and tedious.


If you want to speed up the registration process and make things a LOT easier and quicker, please do fill in your profile with as much info as you can, things that would indicate to us that a genuine member is joining, otherwise we are simply looking at a username and email address and having to check several other things too, all which takes time.

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