My lovely new Shed has gone mouldy?

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My lovely new shed is about 2 months old, its on treated timber bearers' which are placed on pillars of slabs (the ground was sloped).

Its 10 x 10ft and has double doors and 4 small perspex windows. the roof if ply and the floor is the big chip board stuff. It came and was errected in a storm (I dont know if this matters), 
Its all MOULDY - the walls feel damp on the inside and there is fuzzy mould growing on my things and the walls. 
ANY advice gratefully received? I thougth Id done everything (other than paint it as its too wet and rainy). My old shed was leaky and stacked with things and although wet never got any mould? Im at a loss.

Ill post some photos tomorow


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Are you trying to upload them directly from your camera or phone?

Typically they could potentially be many many MB's in size, so will need resizing...

This is very common for digital pics being uploaded to websites.. Our limit here is 500kb per picture

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