Oak Skirting Board Turning Back

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Hi, New to the Forum so i'd like to start by saying Hello!

My issue is 5 months ago I had fitted oak skirting and architrave to my living room and hallway. Now it is turning black in both locations.

I live in a bungalow with concrete floors and have saw no previous signs of damp. The carpets are dry as is the wallpaper fitted in the living room. My question is what is the problem and how can i address it?

Looking forward to hearing your reply's,





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Hiya Will

That really is odd. Do you have any bigger photos, possibly HD resolution and close ups?

Have you got a PH meter at all and a moisture detector?

It is possible, whilst a longshot, that the wood may be dry to the touch, yet moist from behind.

Are there any sources of water inside the wall or under that floor?

Whats the black stuff on the floor, all around that corner piece? It looks like the floor has gone black too?

Also, how far apart are these 2 instances in the property? Are these pictures either side of the same wall or at opposite ends of the building?

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