Planning permission for rear conservatory

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We are currently purchasing a house that has been subject to unauthorised development.

It has undergone 2 extensions in the last 10 years. The first was a 2-storey side/rear

extension in 2000 for which planning permission was granted.

The 2nd was a rear conservatory - for which planning permission was not granted (or

sought). The vendor believed he was erecting this extension under Permitted Development


I have roughly sketched the original house boundaries and both extensions:

Vendor has recently applied for a legal development certificate for the rear extension,

which has been denied as the conservatory extends more than 3m from the original rear wall.

(It actually extends approx 4.5m). Vendor was under the mistaken impression that it would be

permitted as it extends less than 3m from the extended rear wall (blue line).

Local Planning has suggested he applies for restrospective planning. During the application

for the LDC the neighbours were canvassed and nobody objected to the extension so it is

assumed that nobody will raise any objections to the planning application.

My questions are:

1. As this development is now subject to full planning permission, presumably the limits for

permitted development are no longer relevant? i.e. the rule about extending no more than 3m from

rear wall?

2. Assuming no objections from neighbours, what other common reasons may lead the local planning office

to deny the planning permission?

3. Assuming the planning is denied what options do the planning office have in terms of enforcement?

Sorry for the long post. If you made it this far thanks for reading and any advice would be much appreciated.

(My partner has fallen in love with the house and wants to proceed regardless, I'm a bit more cautious!)

Thanks again,



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