Achieving 'Cube' style varnished finish

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Hi All,

I've got loads of Sheesham/mangowood furniture throughout my house, stained/varnished in the dark, glossy next 'cube' style.

Does anyone know how I can replicate this colour/finish using readily available, off the shelf varnish products?

I'm looking to build a stand for a fish tank in pine, but ideally would like to match the finish to the other furniture in the room.

I'd buy a few pots of varnish to trial and play around with getting the colour, but it seems ridiculous to pay

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traditional deep shine finishes take a lot of time and skill to achieve, although french polish takes considerably more skill than using coloured varnishes or stained wood and clear varnishes.

i have produced some "nearly" french polish finishes with varnish by applying six or eight coats and flatting between coats using a fine wet or dry paper and a rubber block. the first couple of flattings were carried out dry with a 400 grade and thereafter wet with 600 grade.

the last but one coat was flatted with 1200 grade with soap and water. the last coat had to be done in a very clean place with very clean materials and tools to eliminate the need to de-nib the final finish and the resultant polishing, although fine abrasive compound polishing will enhance the shine.

modern mass produced stuff has more in common with car spraying than with traditional brush finishes. a cureable laquer is sprayed in huge volumes which buries minor surface defects and finds its own level while still semi-liquid but curing quickly in the same way araldite or body filler cures. the really hard finishes use some nasty chemicals in the curing process which means air fed breathing apparatus must be used, rather than just a face mask.

i suggest you have a word or two with a painter at a local spray shop for suggestions. he will probably direct you to his paint supplier who should be able to mix a synthetic laquer to match your existing colour...

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