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Ex Fireplace -> Entertainment Center

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Hi All,

First of all, let me introduce myself, My name is Tom, 22 years old, 2 kids living with my partner in our new family house.

I am posting to try and gain some views and guidance to a project im hoping to start soon.

The chimney breast in my front room looks like it used to have a gas fire installed on it, with a back boiler(there is piping running down the wall at the side leading to the airing cupboard above)

The fireplace has been removed, and the front bricked up (with a vent placed on the front, that I read is to prevent against damp)

My question is, how viable is the idea of knocking the opening out, and opening up where the back boiler used to sit then once open, installing a “wooden box”, turning it into a home entertainment centre (to place Virgin Media box, DVD player, ETC..)

Is the space where the back boiler used to be going to be big enough (how deep will it go back?) am I able to remove additional brick work at the back of the fireplace to provide more depth?

I’m hoping to complete this without having to do any structural (lintels, etc...) work.

I hope someone is able to help!

Many Thanks.


PS. if anyone needs any photos,etc.. i can provide :)

PSS. thisn't going to be my last post! iv got alot of DIY tasks i wish to complete in the coming few years!

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Hey Tom

I think your best bet is to do some investigating. Get in there and get some measurements, then you will know for sure.

Does the chimney back onto a neighbours property or an outside wall? Chances are that the back of the chimney will already be at maximum depth to keep it safe from neighbours chimney too.

If it backs onto a neighbours house, go and ask them if they have anything in their chimney, as you wouldnt want to finish yours and find they have a wood-burner in theires making all your electrical equipment hotter than needs be.

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