Re sealing a bath

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Hi All

Apologies if this is in the wrong section I am new to this forum and the DIY thing as a whole.

I recently moved house and have noticed the sealant round the bath has some holes in and could do with being re done as I am worried about water getting through and rotting the floorboards.

I was looking for some advice on how to do this and what to use I understand this may be a really simple job for some but I really am a novice at this game. Is it just a case of cutting out the old sealant and refilling?

If so can anyone recommend any decent sealant and a tool which will remove the old sealant easily?

Many Thanks


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Hi Chris,

In answer to your question, 'yes' it is a simple answer of removing the old sealant and replace with new. There best way I have found to remove the old sealant is to use a Stanley knife, you then use a 'sealant remover' from B & Q or somewhere similar just to clean off any remaining sealant. Most DIY shops sell it. You must make sure that all of the old sealant is removed or it could cause problems when putting the new sealant on.

Concerning the new sealant, DONOT go for the cheapest, basically the more you pay, the better the quality, and the longer it will last. Make sure that it is mold resistant (this is a must). Read the instructions on the tube of your sealant that you buy to check drying time. Whatever the instructions say, add a couple of hours to the time. Hope this helps you out , and good luck, it isn't a hard job.

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