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DEWALT DC925 18v XRP Hammer Drill / Drill / Driver

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This thread is for anybody who owns the Dewalt DC925 18v:

Retail price for the DEWALT DC925 18v is around





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Hey everyone...

Well, about 4 months ago I splashed out on one of these monsters and I have to say, the first thing I noticed once I got my hands on it was how god damn bloody heavy it is! This thing weighs a ton! :mad:

However, this was soon found to be for a good reason... Its built like a tank...

Dewalt's saying of "Built tough" is an understatement...

This has ripped through old cement ceilings in seconds, goes into brick like it was butter and the weight of it keeps it feeling extremely stable regardless of what its drilling into...

If it was much lighter, I think the torque alone would probably break your wrist as it is extremely powerful for just an 18 volt cordless on 2.6ah

I've even gone through 8 inches of concrete with it when putting in a new water mains pipe through the living room sub-floor and it didnt stop once or show any strain :D

The hammer drill action on it is totally awsome for heavy jobs like that.

My builder who seems to turn up everyday with huge boxes of "Makita" equipment has often asked to borrow my Dewalt DC925 when he has something serious to take care of, like making the new 9 inch waste pipe hole in the outside wall....

Yes I know, a 9 inch waste pipe hole in an outside cavity wall sounds a bit much for an 18volt cordless but I asked him to try it and see if it could do it...

His reaction was that his 24v SDS would not have gone through it as easily or as quickly :eek:

One thing I did find excellent too was how easy it is to fix these things if something minor goes wrong.

I made a bunch of 86mm holes in my ceiling for downlighters, but as you can imagine, drilling upwards with a huge hole cutter means what went up, must come down, straight into the trigger of the new DC925!

Next thing I know, my trigger is stuck and the drill wont switch off as bits of plaster and board all got jammed in the trigger, but not to worry...

Just undo the screws holding the entire handle together and the entire handle opens up so you can clean out any crud with either a can of compressed air or just blow it out and scrw it back together, worked a treat :D

So, if you want something that can drill through almost anything, ignore what dewalt recommend using it for, its far better than their recommendations, but it is VERY HEAVY! so you will need a bit of muscle to carry it to where you want to use it.

I wouldnt recommend it as a cordless screwdriver though, its just too heavy for this if frequently used as a screwdriver :(

I would without any reservation recommend the Dewalt DC925 to anybody who wants a drill for life, this thing totally kicks ass over ANYTHING you will find in B&Q

Anyway, if you want to get it at an excellent price, just look on ebay for them, I bought my 7 peice Dewalt kit on ebay and everything is excellent, even the price!

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To sum it >>> fantastic all-round cordless drill.

Used mainly for service use on lawnmowers and gardening equipment.

Removal of tough screws no longer a problem, i simply put it on it's lowest screwdriver setting (torque control) and off it comes.

Rusted bolts on metal lawnmower chassis's are no longer an issue - previously used to have an electric drill at hand. So much easier with this one.

I shopped around for a while to try and get one at the lowest price and found on the web including three 2.6ah batteries. Paid only

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