Tiling a Wet Room

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In our new extension we have the shell of a wet room 1.8m x 1.7m.

In it will be a WC and washbasin. We have NuHeat UFH installed with the floor screeded forming a dip towards the pipe that will be the drainage for the shower. The drainage pipe is a good 45cm away from any wall and the floor always sloping towards the pipe.

Now, what should I really be doing before tiling? I have purchased mosaic tiles for the floor and will be using flexible waterproof adhesive and have standard wall tiles with a waterproof adhesive. The floor tiles are natural stone and will need to be sealed when finished.

Do I need any preparation for the floor such as coating it with watered down Unibond? Do I tile the floor first or the walls?

Any help will be appreciated as I have never tackled a wet room before.

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Hiya mate

Welcome to the DIY forum...

Now, for your floor, if you have under floor heating already, then you would need to consult the manual as to what can be put on top of it..

I assume to use something like marine grade plywood as the main supporting floor so it doesnt fall aprt or warp if it does get wet?

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You have said that you are only putting a wc and shower in, if that is the case the need for a "wet room" type of environment is not really required.

I had a quick look on your heated floor suppliers website, they offer a library of installation videos, I would use this as your first port of call.

As for tiling, I would not put a coat of PVA down without checking the instructions on your tile adhesive, some adhesives can have an adverse reaction to PVA and crystalise over time causing tiles to lift/blow.

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