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  1. gadget

    What ladder?

    I bought one of these Not cheap and probably not the lightest but very sturdy
  2. gadget

    Crumbling wall

    You could be getting condensation forming on the wc cistern, if the water is cold and the cistern china then it may well be the coldest area in the house and condensation can form in the same way as it does on a cold can of coke on a humid hot day.
  3. gadget

    Noisy roof !

    I would say this is a common practice, the material you are describing is a breathable membrane or possibly roofing felt covering the membrane. See the sixth photo down in this link as to what the building inspector recommended I have seen this overlap many times when painting various properties but I have never heard of it causing a noise. I can understand your contractors reluctance to come back and rescaffold as this is a major job and quite expensive. Can you reach any part of this membrane by hand via any windows ? maybe try tucking some that you can reach behind the gutterwork, it may stop any movement in the rest.
  4. gadget

    Outward swinging gate...

    I guess this reply is late in the day but can you fit a latch ? or a bolt ? Are your gates designed to open the way they are blown by the wind, if they aren't perhaps a small stop on the ground if its practical.
  5. gadget

    Tiling a Wet Room

    You have said that you are only putting a wc and shower in, if that is the case the need for a "wet room" type of environment is not really required. I had a quick look on your heated floor suppliers website, they offer a library of installation videos, I would use this as your first port of call. As for tiling, I would not put a coat of PVA down without checking the instructions on your tile adhesive, some adhesives can have an adverse reaction to PVA and crystalise over time causing tiles to lift/blow.
  6. gadget

    B&D workmate;Blue/Duel height

    There is a company called toolsandpartsdirect they do not list the model you are after but it may be worth giving them a ring and asking if parts from another model would fit
  7. gadget


    Ventilation is the key, any moisture laden air needs to be evacuated at source, so in bathrooms after bathing showering make sure the door is closed and open the window for 5 minutes after you have showered, extractors can help here. Same thing in kitchens, keep the door shut when cooking and use extractors or open a window. If your property has concrete floors and ceilings (a flat for example) and is double glazed the moisture from everyday living has nowhere to go apart from the coldest surface in your property (your concrete lintels) in an older house with a sprung floor and chimneys there are lots of opportunitys for the air to escape (exchange)but in modern dwellings there are not so many opportunities. Consider a dehumidifier. When drying clothes use one room for this, dont scatter damp clothes over all radiators, use an airer in one room and kep the door shut and the window open a bit to allow an exchange of air.
  8. It really depends if you are in a hurry to sell your property. Estate agents will include your property on their websites, associated sites such as Rightmove, newspaper advertising. in their window, by word of mouth to any new and existing clients. As an individual you are limited in what you can do, if you are on a busy street you can put your own board up and advertise in the local paper but you will have to ask yourself "How would I look for a property ?" and that is normally via the agents. Also your agents can and will take the painful process of viewings away from you if you so wish. They will follow up on a sale and chase parties for outstanding paperwork etc

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