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Hi, this is my first post so not sure if I'm posting this in the right section.

Just wondering if anyone has come across, or has any solutions to condensation forming on my concrete window frames.

It's a major headache at the moment, as we have to clean the frames every couple of days to stop mould from forming. We also have a baby due in next few days and could with getting it sorted.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

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Condensation is caused when warm humid air meets a cold surface. To stop condensation you need to reduce the amount of moisture in the air and if possible remove the cold surface.

To reduce the moisture in the air make sure there is adequate ventilation and limit the amount of moisture generated. Drying washing and portable gas heaters are probably the worst offenders but also make sure that bathrooms are ventilated after a bath or shower.

As for removing the cold surface this is not going to be possible in your case.

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Ventilation is the key, any moisture laden air needs to be evacuated at source, so in bathrooms after bathing showering make sure the door is closed and open the window for 5 minutes after you have showered, extractors can help here.

Same thing in kitchens, keep the door shut when cooking and use extractors or open a window.

If your property has concrete floors and ceilings (a flat for example) and is double glazed the moisture from everyday living has nowhere to go apart from the coldest surface in your property (your concrete lintels) in an older house with a sprung floor and chimneys there are lots of opportunitys for the air to escape (exchange)but in modern dwellings there are not so many opportunities.

Consider a dehumidifier.

When drying clothes use one room for this, dont scatter damp clothes over all radiators, use an airer in one room and kep the door shut and the window open a bit to allow an exchange of air.

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