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New member having problems when I come to your website I can see and view allof the topic

But as soon as I log in all I get is this section and the welcome section isit me?

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All seems to be sorted out now. 1 member took the time to email me, as I hadnt spotted it, due to this being a hobby website, and busy with work...

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It seems to me that new members are not prepared to wait for a wellcome. They want instant access. Looking at other forum sites, people are joining at the time they have a DIY problem, and want it sorted.

This is not happening here. I'm sure that if members could have instant access, we could get things going, and maybe the site could get some decent advertising revenue.

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Seems giving members instant access also opens the floow to spammers too, and even worse, hackers.

I did indeed open it for instant access and within 2 weeks the site was hacked, and had over 120 spammers signed up...


Not something any admin wants to have to deal with in their spare time, so, back to plan A, all registrations are now moderated again.

Its a shame too, but for every 10 genuine members, you can bet your backside there are 200 spammers also wanting to get in, and many hackers.


Site has now been updated and secured...

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