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Guest gissle

I think that it is definitely a good idea to have a proper survey done when buying a house.

I have moved house twice now, and although the basic survey picked up that the houses were structurally sound, they didn't find many other faults that we later discovered. Faulty boilers etc. I think a full survey would have found these, if you don't have one allow a budget for extra unexpected repairs!

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For something like boilers/electrics etc, your better off having a professional tradesman come and inspect those items..

Certainly worth asking to see a boilers annual service certificate, because without it, many home insurance policies are void if the boiler blows up or leaks casing damage..

Same for the electrics, without the relevant certificates for installation, its just a chance you take, much like buying a car without a full inspection by a mechanic..

Home surveyors dont cover plumbing and electrics, they only carry out visual inspections and are not qualified to physically test anything in the home at all.

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