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  1. directlight

    Replacing Roper Rhodes lighting

    Yes, it would be better if you could show us a picture, so one can give you the right suggestion for the problem you are facing.
  2. directlight

    Lighting for Painted Dark Walls

    Thanks for sharing. In my opinion, another idea is to spring for recessed lighting around the perimeter of the room.
  3. directlight

    Re-wiring outdoor light

    A successful outdoor lighting plan requires selecting the right fixtures, then placing and wiring them correctly. Even though there is no need of intricate wiring a basic knowledge of the system and its aspects are needed for a proper installation of outdoor lighting fixtures.
  4. directlight

    Replastering ceiling and spotlights...

    From my point of view, it would be good to first plaster your ceiling and then to fix the spotlights.
  5. directlight

    those high powered flashlights (Halogen?)

    Thanks for sharing this great idea. Actually, I was also suffering from the same problem with this high powered flashlights and what you have asked to do really helped me.
  6. directlight

    Outdoor Lighting

    Thanks for sharing, In my opinion, outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your property, makes your home safer and more secure, and increases the number of pleasurable hours you spend in your garden.
  7. directlight

    Kitchen Lighting

    Kitchen is an important place in our home and thats why its good to decorate your kitchen as well. And the best way to do so is to choose the right kitchen lighting. There are many types and shapes of lighting for kitchen and by searching online on internet, you can easily find some good lighting for your kitchen.
  8. directlight

    Cellar Lighting

    In my opinion, if you the problem still persists, it would be better to call the electrician who has done light fittings in your cellar for better suggestions.
  9. directlight

    Halogen lighting

    Halogen lights have become one of the most happening trends on the lighting market. However, in my opinion, using halogen lights in bathroom is not good as it consumes lots of electricity and it doesn't look good in bathroom. Hence, I would recommend you to replace with good one which suits your bathroom design.
  10. directlight

    home lighting

    Yes, I also agree with the fact that it depends on what kinds of lighting you want to use in your home. However, you can easily get some good ideas about choosing lighting by searching it online.

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